At The Luxury Catering Co, we love a film, we love TV and we are excited about looking after the culinary needs of all cast and crew.

The Luxury Catering Co is a new and highly professional location catering service for TV & Film sets anywhere in the UK.

We want to make sure there is more than enough nutritious food on set and that the crew is never concerned about taking seconds.  As you know, the best and simplest way to make your crew happy is by keeping them constantly fed and we will work hard with your budget to make this happen.

As a friendly team of professional caterers, we are flexible and unflappable in our approach to requests and changes of any production on location and with a variety of high quality menus, we can meet all dietary requirements and preferred menu choices.

Using our high-spec mobile kitchen facilities, we carefully source our ingredients, and aim to provide many tastes and food groups on our seasonal menus via artisan and local suppliers, providing energy to the cast and crew over long periods of time.

The physical work on set is extremely demanding and we aim to keep it hot, cold and punctual.  Coffee and water, always and forever!

A Few Key Points

Key Team Members

Luke Thompson

Logistics Manager


Assistant Chef